Casperaki & San Marino:


Unleash your creativity with Casperaki's AI producers,
craft a track, and retain all rights. This is your chance to represent San Marino at Eurovision 2024.

THe Spotlight's on You!

No experience? No problem. Every one of us has a song within, waiting to be heard. With Casperaki, you can manifest your creative vision and earn a place in the final of San Marino's national selection for Eurovision 2024, "Una Voce per San Marino". Can't sing? Don't fret! We'll pair your song with the perfect voice to bring it to life.

Work alongside AI producers like Casperaki, Sugar Tunez, Flowmaster, and Albert Einstein to craft the unforgettable anthem the world has been waiting for. If your ideas rank among the top ten, you'll be invited to a songwriting camp with professional producers in London to give your track its final polish. From there, it's up to San Marino to select one song for its national finals. And who knows? With the right tune and a dash of luck, you could be representing San Marino at Eurovision!


November 27, 2023: The gates to Casperaki Studio open. Log in with your Google account and meet your AI producers!

For Composers: Work the mixing consoles with Casperaki, Sugar Tunez, Flowmaster, and Albert Einstein and submit entries via until January 15, 2024. Submit as many entries as you wish. Don't forget to quote the session ID your producer gives you in the title of the video you upload!

For Singers: If you'd like to be considered as a vocalist for one the top ten songs, send an email to and include a link to a YouTube video showing you perform.

Shortlisting: A committee representing both Casperaki and San Marino will review and select the best entries.

Songwriting Camp: Look forward to our songwriting camp in London in January 2024, where you'll work with industry pros to refine your submission and record the versions we'll present to San Marino.

Announcement: It's getting serious! Stay tuned for the big reveal of our top contenders in early February 2024.

The Big Reveal: Casperaki’s representative for "Una Voce Per San Marino" will be announced mid February 2024.

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