How it works

Song Submissions – Entry Criteria: 

  • Submission Deadline: Songwriters and singers are invited to submit their entries until December 1, 2023.
  • Eligibility: Participants from anywhere in the world are welcome to apply.
  • Collaboration with Casperaki: It’s essential that each entry is a collaboration with the Casperaki chatbot. The AI-driven creativity of Casperaki will help shape and refine the submissions, making each one a unique blend of human talent and artificial intelligence innovation.

Shortlisting Process:

  • Expert Shortlisting Commission: Our esteemed Shortlisting Commission, consisting of representatives from Casperaki, will diligently assess all submissions.
  • Thorough Review: Each entry will be carefully reviewed, considering artistic merit, musical innovation, and alignment with the essence of Eurovision.
  • Top Ten Selection: From the pool of submissions, the Shortlisting Commission will select the top ten entries that truly stand out.


  • Submission Review: Our esteemed Shortlisting Commission, composed of experts from  Casperaki and the music industry, will meticulously review every submission. This comprehensive assessment will consider factors such as musical ingenuity, artistic prowess, and alignment with Eurovision’s vibrant spirit.
  • Top Ten Selection: From the pool of impressive entries, the Commission will carefully select the top ten contenders. These artists will have demonstrated exceptional creativity and a unique musical identity.
  • Collaboration Enhancement: The chosen ten will then engage in an exciting phase of collaboration with Casperaki’s AI chatbot. This creative partnership aims to refine and elevate each submission, harnessing the power of technology to add an innovative layer to the artistic vision.
  • Final Evaluation: Following this collaboration, the reimagined entries will undergo a final evaluation by our panel of experts. This stage ensures that the essence of both the artist and the AI collaboration shines through brilliantly.
  • Grand Announcement: The moment we’ve all been waiting for arrives – in late December 2023, we will proudly reveal the names of the top contenders. This announcement will not only showcase the selected artists but also underscore the harmony between human creativity and AI innovation that lies at the heart of this partnership.

Songwriting Camp Details: 

  • Nurturing Musical Brilliance: In the pursuit of excellence, we’re excited to bring our top talents to the vibrant city of London in January 2024. It will serve as a platform for our finalists to refine their musical masterpieces under the guidance of industry professionals. The Songwriting Camp is a dynamic opportunity for our contenders to elevate their compositions and harness their creative potential.
  • Refinement with Renowned Experts: During the Songwriting Camp, our finalists will have the unique chance to collaborate closely with established music producers and songwriters. These industry experts bring a wealth of experience and knowledge, ensuring that each artist’s vision is honed to perfection. Through insightful guidance, personalised feedback, and collaborative sessions, the finalists will further develop their compositions into musical gems that truly resonate.
  • Unleashing Innovation and Collaboration: The camp is a hotbed of creativity, where musical innovation thrives and collaboration flourishes. Our finalists will have the chance to work side by side with not only their peers but also with seasoned professionals who understand the nuances of crafting a Eurovision-worthy song. This environment fosters cross-cultural exchange, the sharing of ideas, and the birth of new artistic directions.
  • Culmination of Artistry: The Songwriting Camp represents a pivotal phase on the journey to the Eurovision stage. It’s where the synergy between artistic vision and technical expertise emerges, creating compositions that have the potential to captivate audiences worldwide.

The Songwriting Camp is a testament to our commitment to nurturing talent, fostering innovation, and crafting melodies that resonate deeply.

Voting Details:

  • Global Public Voting: Your Voice, Your Choice: We believe in the power of inclusivity, which is why our public voting system is designed to allow everyone around the world to have a say in choosing Casperaki’s representative. Here’s how you can be part of this exciting decision-making process:
  • User-Friendly and Fair: Voting is made simple to ensure that every music enthusiast can participate. Whether you’re a seasoned Eurovision fan or a newcomer to the scene, casting your vote will be a breeze. And to maintain fairness, we’re implementing a strict policy of one vote per user. This ensures that each voice carries equal weight, creating a level playing field for all participants.
  • Dazzling Shows or Breathtaking Music Videos: Get ready to be captivated! You can vote for your favourite contender based on either their spectacular live performances or their captivating music videos. The choice is yours – whether you’re drawn to the energy and charisma of a live show or prefer to be swept away by the visual storytelling of a music video, your vote counts.
  • Empowering Your Decision: Your vote is more than just a choice; it’s a part of shaping San Marino’s journey. Your voice matters, and we’re excited to see how the collective choice of music lovers from all corners of the world will contribute to this momentous decision.
  • Stay Tuned and Make Your Mark: As the competition unfolds and our finalists showcase their talents, you’ll have the chance to cast your vote for the contender who truly resonates with you. Keep an eye out for the voting instructions, and be prepared to make your mark in selecting the artist who will carry Casperaki’s musical prowess to the Eurovision spotlight.

In the grand tradition of Eurovision, your participation adds to the excitement, diversity, and unity of the event. So get ready to choose Casperaki’s representative via dazzling shows or breathtaking music videos – your vote is a celebration of music that transcends borders